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Chaleco a Prueba de Balas XTO-PR


Chaleco Antibalas XTO-PR


Chaleco a Prueba de Balas XTO-PR

The XTO-PR-IIIA carrier provides the functionality of a load bearing vest with multiple pockets for all necessities required for security personnel.
  • 100% Linen
  • Trauma Inside Pocket with Velcro
  • 4 Front Utility Pockets
  • Pistol Mag Pocket
  • Radio-Cell Phone Front Pocket
  • Extra Front Pocket with Velcro
  • Upper Back Radio-Mic Pocket
  • Upper Back Baton Pocket
  • Hooks-Velcros for I.D requirements


  • Five (5) year factory warranty on ballistic panels
  • Two (2) year factory warranty on tactical covers or linings.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (27M)
  • Protection Level III-A (Used by the P.P.R. and the F.B.I.)
  • Model: Tactical Level III-A- (N.I.J.) 0101.06

For more information on all of our bulletproof vest models, please call 787-258-1939.

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